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You have visited hundreds of restaurants. But what makes that one restaurant which you turn to at least once in a month? Don’t you often wonder? Why is it that some of the places tend to get in your good books the first time you visit them and some of these don’t even impress you even after a lot of persuasion? Well, the reasons can be many, but some of them are very prevalent.

Important qualities that make a restaurant your favourite hub!

There are some restaurants which are automatically the most frequently visited place by foodies like you. It’s because they are simply all-rounders. And when the foodies were asked what they liked most about these places, they listed these significant points. So, there is a high probability that these qualities will make these eateries your favourite too.


Good food — If we believe the researchers, 40 out of 50 people visit a restaurant just because of its excellent food. Good food quality has always remained the prominent point in making any restaurant famous. So, when you visit a restaurant and like the taste of the food served there, you tend to visit the eatery more often.

The hygiene in the place — Another very important factor that makes a specific restaurant your favourite one is the cleanliness in the eatery. If the food outlet is clean and even the food is prepared in an open kitchen setting, this keeps you relieved that the restaurant you are visiting is serving you extremely hygienic food.

The impressive ambience— You tend to visit some of the restaurants just because you like the positive vibes out there. The ambience marks much importance in the favouritism of any restaurant. Well, all those glorified lights and impressive backdrops do create a fabulous impact on your minds.

Prices and discounts— The money factor matters a lot, which directly impacts your decision to visit the restaurant again or not. Like — if you get a good amount of discount and offers in a certain restaurant, you tend to visit that place more often. And even if you find the food totally worthy of the money spent there, that restaurant ultimately becomes your favourite. So, basically when a restaurant offers reasonable prices and provides you heavy discounts, it turns into one of your most frequently visited eateries.

The service quality — Courteous service still stays a very important point in making any restaurant your favourite destination. Naturally, if you aren’t treated well and have to wait for your food for hours, you won’t like to visit the place ever again. But even if a casual café has staff who are available for you and serves you in a friendly manner in the least possible waiting time, it becomes a great restaurant in your list.

The great location —You sometimes are very comfortable to visit a restaurant because it is probably nearby your place or sometimes because it’s located at one of the most exquisite city centres. The sophisticated location also holds a prominent role in making a specific eatery your all-time favourite hub.

It doesn’t take much for any restaurant to enter your good books. Basically, if a restaurant follows all the norms of being a great host and providing you the best services, it tends to impress you and you love visiting it more often.