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It’s pretty difficult to impress your guests! And the only thing that keeps your guests super happy at your event is good food. (And yes, good music, entertainment and liquid potions also! But food is undeniably very significant.) That is why, apart from all the other preparations for your party, never ever forget to give special emphasis to the catering service you are planning to book.

The essential pointers to check in a catering company before hiring them!

Do you remember going to that party where the food was excellent? Well, we are sure there would be uncountable ones and you probably don’t even recollect one! But do you remember the one where the food was stinking, or you returned home hungry because the food wasn’t enough or was improperly served? Yes, you do! And obviously you hesitate to attend another event of the same organiser. Well, that’s what happens when you choose an incompetent catering service for your party. You certainly don’t want to be remembered in a wrong way! That is why, don’t forget to properly check the below listed criteria in any catering service that you hire for your party:

o   They provide excellent taste — Tasteless food may as well not exist! And the most important criteria for choosing a catering service should be the exclusive taste that they offer. Don’t forget to keep a special tasting session before finalising the service and only book them if the flavours tingle your taste-buds and you like the menu.

o   Variety is offered — Today, we all like to think and eat out of the box! Well, just the regular starters and a single main course is pretty monotonous nowadays. And if a catering service isn’t offering good variety then obviously, they are missing a lot.

o   They are pro in serving the food — Say, the food is excellent and really yummy. You even booked the caterers to prepare a dozen dishes for you. But what if they aren’t serving the guests properly? Will your money still be well spent? Of course not, that’s when you should think of hiring Nectar Café for catering in Whangarei. They have been voted as the best restaurant in the city five times because of the unique and exceptional range of delectables on offer and the quality of service. Their well-trained staff and their pleasant hospitality are enough to make your party rock and keep your guests happy!

o   Wealth of experience— Experience counts! From the chefs in the team to the stewards to the managers handling everyone, all should be extremely experienced and should have training to handle everything in an organised manner. Without this experience, if you are hiring them, you are taking a huge risk!

o   Value for money — At the end of the day all you require from any catering company is value for your money. If they are charging you a hefty sum, make sure to inquire if they are justifying their charges.

All these pointers are precisely very important to check in the catering services that you hire. In case you miss even one of these, there are high chances of your event getting spoilt or the food leaving a bad taste in the mouth (literally!).