Call Us :094388084  (chicken and pork)  (salmon)  (organic vegetables and fruit)  (organic dry and bulk goods) (local supplier of free range meats)

Gameford Lodge  (Auckland supplier of specialist meats) (Anchor Organic Milk) (organic, fair trade coffee)  (teas inc chopra and healing)   (organic berries and Drinks)

Red and White Suppliers – (Non alcoholic sparking grape juice)

Kokonati – (Organic coconut products)

Goodlife Distribution (Organic Indian Tulsi Teas) (supplier of organic and non organic bread products) (coconut ice cream and nice blocks)

Gluten Free Bread made onsite (may contain traces of gluten)

Coconut yoghurt made onsite (bulk goods, general items) (bulk goods, general items (eco paper suppliers for toilet paper and hand towels) (free range eggs) (smoothie supplements and specialist products)