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This is a question that we have been asked by customers and the council.  Nectar was the first licensed premises in NZ to want to make this change.  There was no process for it at the time (that the council was aware of at least)

So why did we do it?   With our blossoming awareness through our personal lives and associations we have seen first hand the damage that alcohol can do our health and to the health of our communities and families and we no longer felt that we could consciously support he alcohol industry with our dollar.

Additionally we had been struggling to place skilled staff that could recommend appropriate wines and manage our beverage list to ensure that it was adding value to our customers and our sales profits.  In a cafe situation we only serve any significant number of alcoholic drinks on Friday and Saturday.  Anything opened but unused at that point then becomes an expensive cooking ingredient.

However we do understand the desire of our customers to be able to enjoy their favourite bottle of vino or cider with their friends in a nice setting with great food at a reasonable price.   

This is where BYO comes in, you can bring in your favourite wine (one you are guaranteed to like) which you most likely purchased at an awesome price to compliment your meal, making it a great outing at a reasonable price.

Additionally we have expanded our beverage list to include interesting beverages such as our house made Keffir strawberry lemonade, Kombucha, Organic Blueberry Juice and hand crafted ginger beers with the list growing as we come across more favourites from around NZ.

We have found the change has little or no impact on our sales and has in fact made our beverage more interesting and has increased sales of beverages, food for thought (pun sort of intended)!

Corkage is free at Nectar until the end of February =)