Nectar Cafe Whangarei

Voted Best in Northland and Whangarei Five times!

Nectar Cafe Whangarei, winner of Best Cafe of the year 5 times in Northland

Fresh organic produce.  Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Wholefoods, Vegan, Dairy Free options

Breakfast, lunch, cabinet food, organic coffee

Outcatering, functions and events

Nectar Week Day Express Menu

Served between 7am - 2pm Mon - Fri  

(FULL menu available Saturdays)

Please note that wait times vary depending on how busy we are.   Your waiters can advise you on our current wait times

If you are on a time schedule please notify the staff and we will do our best to accommodate.

Nectar Cafe est 2007 - 88 Bank Street - Whangarei - Northland - NZ - 09 438 8084